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On Mon, 2 Apr 2001 22:23:01 -0700 
Jake Song <jake at ncinteractive.com> wrote:

> For the second story, it's not related to Lineage.  There was an
> game room owner who played online game 'Cheonnyun' (a thousand
> years in English) too long and died of heart attack. He had been
> suffer from heart disease before the accident though. It was on
> major newspapers in Korea.

Ahh, good to have that one confirmed (even if different than as
passed on to me).

> But for the first story, I never heard of that kind of story.  If
> it is based on facts, it shoud be on every newspaper in Korea.

Good point.  I'll check with Hackbin, and get him to retell the tale
so we may pull the string and see where it was embroidered from.

> There are some bad rumors between Lineage players.  I feel very
> sorry that kind of rumor was quoted by respectable people like
> mud-dev and MERA and publicised by media like gamespy.com.

This is my error and something I should and do apologise for.  I had
thought I'd specified it as anecdotal when I related it, but
apparently I did not stress that well enough.

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