[MUD-Dev] Need for a departure from reality?

Matt Mihaly the_logos at www.achaea.com
Tue Apr 3 04:20:49 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

[I renamed this thread so it's got a useful name. --matt]

On Mon, 2 Apr 2001, Dr. Cat wrote:

> Well, I'd also debate whether it's even true you need a "departure",
> or if so how much of one.  In other media, the movie Forest Gump, TV
> soap operas, COPS, and any number of novels like The World According
> to Garp (also a movie), romance novels, etc. all succeed in
> attracting a large audience.  While they "depart" in the way almost
> all art does, by focusing in on more interesting types of events and
> people, being "larger than life", having more exciting coincidences
> and occurences per day than real life tends to, still they are set
> very much in our time, in mostly realistic settings, with people
> much like ourselves (except for that Gump guy, who I don't think any
> of us here on the list are much like, personality-wise!)

Not to mention that your reality is not the same as my
reality. Fundamentally, no one has the same experience. I bet a lot of
people would be highly entertained for vast periods of time if they
were just allowed to pop into someone else's mind and be a completely
passive observer. I certainly would be. Give them control (ala Being
John Malkovich) and it's better yet!


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