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Freeman Freeman
Tue Apr 3 07:57:43 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

> From: McQuaid, Brad [mailto:bmcquaid at verant.com]
> Brian 'Psychochild' Green wrote:
>> Every high profile, commercial online RPG has had its economy
>> broken. 


> Honestly, we weren't shocked at all, and knew it would happen.  It's
> been happening in MUDs with good economies for years -- I'm not sure
> why you say the economy on EQ is broken (I don't play the other two
> enough to know if there economy is working or not).

I should let Brian answer for himself, but if I hadn't started playing
EQ again recently, I would have described it as "broken", too.  Over a
year and a half ago, platinum was simply *worthless* to high-level
characters, not merely "worth less", but "worthless".  It piled up to
the point that a newbie logging in could indeed be handed several
hundred platinum (nothing else to do with it), and buying/selling
items at that level was impossible - they had to be traded for -
because platinum was worthless to the people that had whatever it was
you wanted to buy.

But that's not the case now.  The gold sinks in place now seeem to be
working pretty well to me.  We routinely buy items, for plat, from
people with 50+ level characters.  If the economy were still broke,
platinum was still worthless, then that wouldn't be possible.

> When I log on and see people spend hours and hours, days and days,
> to obtain items, I definitely don't think the economy is broken.

Yeah, that's not what I think, either.  :P
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