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> What's my definition of broken?  When you log into a MUD and as a
> newbie, and you are outfitted with some of the best items in the
> game just because you are there.  Or, worse yet you see them lying
> on the ground, or at an 'altar'.  Or when you log on and see nothing
> being bought/sold/traded.  Or when you see strict level limits on
> items such that all trickle down economics fail.  Or when you see
> such heavy handed item deterioration that it's more profitable to
> destroy or 'sacrifice' an item when it's becoming tarnished than to
> sell/trade it.  Or an attempt at a completely closed economic system
> like UO attempted early on.  In other words, broken = economic
> failure.  Broken != a working economy that would use some
> improvement and tweaking.

I'm not sure if you are saying trickle down is good or bad? imho, it
has done some terrible things to EQ game balance. This trickle has
lead to the more equipment based classes outbalancing the rest as
level 20 characters wield what used to be level 50 gear and becoming
vastly more effective.

Its interesting though as I've been thinking a lot about balancing
casters vs melee in games and its hard...

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