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> A basic tenet of economics is that value is determined by utility
> and scarcity.  Things that are more useful and harder to find are
> worth more than common items with little practical use.  My car has
> more worth than your dull pebble.

As an interesting side study in this... when Trammel went into UO, my
recollection is that UO had had a stable exhange rate between the
real-world dollar and the UO gold coin for over a year--it was fixed
at around 400-500.  PKs, nasty as they were, were a good gold sink for
users, as they invariably looted everything you had an junked it or
kept it. They also hoarded everything, effectively keeping the
*circulating* money rare or tied up in equity such as real estate. An
equilibrium was reached, and 400-500 was it.

Today the dollar fetches you 15,000 gold coins. My suspicion is that
it is because of Trammel, which has no PKs and therefore fewer drains,
and has a much more controlled risk environment.

I could be completely wrong--what would be great is to see a
historical record of the UO<->real world exchange rates over
time. Anyone got the data?  ;)

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