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> Why is platinum not useful at higher levels in EverQuest?  From my
> experiences, it's because the value of platinum is too low to be
> useful as a currency at higher levels.  There's too much platinum
> floating around at higher levels.

> ...
> To see an extreme example of this, see if you can find anyone in
> EverQuest willing to sell items that don't drop anymore (mana
> stones, rubicite armor) for any reasonable amount of platinum.  Most
> people won't.  Yet, if you offer an item that no longer drops in
> exchange for another item that no longer drops, you might get more
> interest in your proposed transaction.

Well this may vary on a server to server basis, but on my one, there
isn't anything tradeable that can't be bought for platinum. The issue
I find more stultifying is that most high level gear is 'no-drop'
which kills the economy for them before you even start...

The only reason I have any platinum lying around is that I can't buy
anything that would improve my character... (Being a wizard probably
has a large impact on that as caster gear in EQ is limited).

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