[MUD-Dev] Broken Economies (was RE: Learning about MUDs)

Sellers Sellers
Tue Apr 3 18:56:04 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

Geoffrey wrote:
> Derek Licciardi wrote:
>> The thought that was being mentioned here is that it is impossible
>> to recreate a realistic economy in a MUD/MMOG.
> I think a more appropriate phrasing would be to state that no one
> has managed to replicate the contemporary, N.American version of an
> economy.

A bit less specific but equally accurate: no one (to my knowledge) has
been able to create a complex, robust, and sustainable economy in the
context of a MUD.  Economies exist in almost every MUD, but these tend
to be extremely simplistic and brittle (not amenable to change or
self-correcting).  The few complex economies that have been tried have
either had to have almost Stalinistic controls placed on them, or have
suffered any number of woes (with hyperinflation heading the list).

Nevertheless, I am one of those who believes that a complex, robust,
engaging, sustainable economy can be created within an online game.  I
hope we find out someday.

Mike Sellers
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