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Sellers Sellers
Tue Apr 3 19:28:52 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

Jonathan wrote:
> Raph replied:
>> Will & co are paying quite a lot of attention to social dynamics,
>> actually.  For example, they're codifying "six degrees of
>> separation" using an interface much like The Brain
>> (
> I think you and I were both a bit shocked - I know I was - by how
> quickly Will picked up on key elements of MMOGs.

There is so much about this discussion (including posts that followed
this one) that I'd like to comment on, but I can't.  Many assumptions
being made are astute, while others are simply wrong.  One thing I can
point out is that The Sims Online will not resemble what we now think
of as a typical MMPOG; it will be a bit more like EA's upcoming
Majestic (though that is pushing the online gaming envelope in other

One other thing that I believe TSO has underscored here is the vast
gulf between a single-player game and a MMPOG.  It's not an easy
transition to make.

Mike Sellers
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