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> This last part brought a question to my mind.  Has anyone tried
> limiting the total amount of currency in their MMOG?  By this I mean
> taking up a role similar to the Feds and only 'producing' so much
> coin.

Yep. UO.

> Eventually, I think, with this system you'd run into a situation
> where the currency was very valuable because with an expanding
> player base it would grow more and more rare.  Also you'd have
> players who would hoarde the currency by trying best they can to
> circumvent the economy drains.  Eventually these players would
> become rich and the rest poor.


> On a grand scale and with some intuative simulation this could
> evolve into a situation where players in your world become richer
> than NPC barons or even kings(or whatever fits the world) and
> eventually take over their land for themselves.


> Combine this with active trading and banks which loan out money with
> interest and keep your money 'safe' while paying out interest and
> you might end up with a diverse economy.

Loans (from the server--players did it amongst themselves all the
time), we didn't have. But you're missing a key point, the fun
factor. Players want to get money. Being told "there isn't enough
money in the world for you to have any" isn't a very satisfying answer
in a game.

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