[MUD-Dev] Broken Economies (was RE: Learning about MUDs)

Vincent Archer archer at nevrax.com
Wed Apr 4 11:28:56 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

According to Derek Licciardi:

> Following this logic would make me believe that money in the US is
> supported by some standard.  The closest thatstandard can be is
> faith because you can't take a dollar anywhere and trade it in as a

Most currency systems at the beginning of the century were supported
by a standard: gold. In other words, you had the promise that, no
matter where you were and when you wanted it, you could go to a state
institution, and exchange your banknotes for a "suitable" amount of

I don't think any modern currency is still backed by a gold standard.
The banking system and everything around it has generated enough money
that it cannot be backed by gold: there's not enough gold to pay for
all that money. So yes, money is backed by faith. But real world
economies have something MUD economies lack: numbers. There's enough
economical actors around that you have the confidence that, somewhere,
you *can* have something which interest you for your money.

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