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> Its a simple question really. Does anyone think it is possible to
> balance melee range combat with ranged combat/magic in games where
> spacial issues have impact?


> The issues that seem to need balance are :
>   - Solo/Group ability.
>   - PvP/PvE.

I added ranged combat a number of years ago to Retro. In terms of
balance, I suppose I started with a simple constraint:

You cannot use ranged combat if someone is meleeing you.

    - You can use ranged combat to start a fight.

    - You can use it, if you have someone willing and able to stand in
    front of you and protect you while you do it.

Because we have a room-based system, and not a spatial xyz coordinate
system, ranged combat only works within a 'room', not between them
[though some rooms may be huge, and others very small].

Solo: only usable to start combat, then you get beat on by the
opponent with melee combat and that prevents you from firing your bow,
crossbow, sling, or throw knives, daggers, axes, hammers, spears or

Group: you set up your party so you're not in melee, but someone from
the party is, and fire away!

Monsters or Players: affects both equally. Though monsters will switch
to a melee weapon if they have one. Players are expected to make those
choices.  Until they switch weapons, they're beating on their opponent
with the ranged weapon as a melee weapon [at all sorts of reduction in
melee effectiveness, though a weapon can be coded to be a decent melee
weapon along with being a ranged weapon, example, maybe thor's

Problem: 2 people with ranged combat meet. One can start ranged
combat. Then they both go into melee combat. There is currently no way
for them to shoot it out at range.

Problem: movement speed is not modelled, so you cannot fire, flee,
fire, flee, such as the Mongols did so successfully on horseback.

Bonus: monsters and players who use ranged combat and have someone
letting them stay at range can target who they fire at, including any
enemies at range.


Projectiles do have ammunition limits. Even thrown ones, which are
based on the thrown holder, such as a bandolier, or other way of
having thrown ammo be easily accessible [and the amount of ammunition
it holds is based on the size of the ammo, i.e. you can have more
throwing knives strapped to your chest than throwing hammers or
javelins]. Reloading times are not accurately modeled, but it does
take an action. A side benefit is that you can load alternating
ammunition types, if you want :)

Comparison to Magic

Spellcasters can sling spells from any range, melee or ranged. They
stay at range when someone stands in front of them [tanking for
them]. If they cast while being melee their casting may be
interrupted. Frankly, taking any damage may interrupt casting [or
skill use], it just happens much more often when in melee.


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