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>Mike Sellers wrote:

>> There is so much about this discussion (including posts that
>> followed this one) that I'd like to comment on, but I can't.

> I can understand your frustration, Mike.  There's pushing the
> envelope (which TSO will have to, and there are some clever folks
> engaged in doing that) and then are ill informed or outright
> ignorant attempts at MMOGs that are spun as innovative, such as
> Majestic which is pretty much D.O.A.

Well, "innovative" it certainly is, and I've gone from considering it
"DOA" to thinking it's just too different to make a judgement on.  If
Majestic fails, it will be as a combination of two factors:

  1) Too many people comparing notes.  Majestic is built on the
  premise of finding secrets, and if NNOG's to date have shown
  anything, it's that keeping secrets is nearly impossible.  The
  players may blow through portions of the game it took months to
  create in mere hours.

  2) In the end they really can't have anything too earth-shattering
  as the core of the conspiracy.  What's the "elder game", adding the
  player to the conspiracy?  That will last until the first person who
  won't play along.

--Dave Rickey

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