[Mud-Dev] Broken currencies

Miroslav Silovic silovic at zesoi.fer.hr
Thu Apr 5 11:56:59 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

Michael Dekker <mdekker_mud at yahoo.com> writes:

> The sole advantage of gold (cash) over other assets, both in Muds
> and the real world, is liquidity. Once a player possesses sufficient
> gold to purchase all needed goods from NPC vendors, there is no
> economic reason to acquire more.  It simply isn't productive.

OTOH, if you allow the players to buy a level for 10,000 gp (for
example), the gold suddenly becomes VERY valuable.

This leaves the rarity problem. In a realistic economy, the cash is
produced at a VERY controlled rate (and if you print lots of cash,
you'll soon have a huge inflation problem). On a typical MUD, the cash
is constantly produced by mob respawns. This devaluates it severely.

Now allow the levels to be purchased and limit the cash inflow (for
example, by spawning the mobs without gold and only allow the coins
produced from player-ran goldmines or something similar), and you'll
have a real currency.

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