[MUD-Dev] Camelot Beta 3

Auli auli at bellsouth.net
Thu Apr 5 14:49:38 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

Daniel.Harman at barclayscapital.com wrote:
> On 01 April 2001 09:55, Dave Rickey wrote :
>> Should have sent this at least a day ago, but Camelot's 3rd phase
>> beta signups will be opened Monday, the 2nd of April, at 12 noon
>> Eastern.  Phase three will start out with the opening of the Norse
>> realm for PvE, PvP will be activated sometime during Beta 3 after
>> we're confident in the tuning of the classes.
> Looking at the sign up tally already (>20k) applying is probably
> academic, anyone else from here applying?

I applied but you are right, those are some pretty big numbers.  Looks
like what once was considered the 'sleeper' in the upcoming crop of
MMOGs is starting to get some fan attention.

Dwayne A. Hall

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