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Thu Apr 5 22:14:06 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

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> From: Dave Rickey
> If Majestic fails, it will be as a combination of two factors:
>   1) Too many people comparing notes.  Majestic is built on the
>   premise of finding secrets, and if NNOG's to date have shown
>   anything, it's that keeping secrets is nearly impossible.  The
>   players may blow through portions of the game it took months to
>   create in mere hours.

Here, here, Mr. Rickey. :-)

Can anyone say "The Adventure of Dnalsi Island" from The Lessons of

It never ceases to amaze me how people can keep making this mistake,
despite a decade of literature and all the bad examples currently in
the market. :-P

I shouldn't be surprised, as this (Majestic) is from the same guy who
implied that multiplaying was an evil thing that users do, and said
that he was going to enforce One Person = One Character with his new

Yeah, right. And Snerts just need the right game to put them in
line. :-)


It never turns out as great as you think it will. If you're very
lucky, it'll be great in *spite* of your clever design.

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