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Derek Licciardi kressilac at home.com
Thu Apr 5 23:33:12 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

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> According to Daniel.Harman at barclayscapital.com:

>> Looking at the sign up tally already (>20k) applying is probably
>> academic, anyone else from here applying?

> My save vs fan hordes is relatively poor, need a natural win :)

> I've applied when the server was reasonably uncongested, but unless
> specially selected, checking "yes I do work in the game industry"
> doesn't work in your favor :)

I have applied to help beta the game, though I am not sure if I
checked the "I work in the game industry" checkbox.  I look forward to
the chance to see it and test it if I am given the opportunity.


ps I am between MMORPGs right now waiting for the next MMORPG to

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