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Baron Baron
Fri Apr 6 12:40:28 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

Lee Sheldon wrote:

> Of course you may have many and sundry other reasons why you think
> Majestc is DOA.  I'd love to hear 'em. :)

Apart from the unrecoverable flaw that Dave and Randy noted, as well
as the nuisance factor you noted, Lee, the fundamental problem is that
Majestic is a broadcast medium, and does not belong in the MMOG
medium.  They have a script, they pose the puzzles.  It's not truly

Add to this the notion of using serious media to broadcast fictional
content, and you have a problem much like Orson Wells' War of the
Worlds broadcast.  You can't guarantee that recipients of game
messages are players, or even that the players will understand that
every sinister or emotionally charged communication really is a game
message.  This amounts to insuperable legal problems that make
Majestic unreleasable on EA.COM's partner network, AOL.

Again, innovation is not the proper term for Majestic; medium
ignorance is.

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