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> If you're going to present money in your game world, make it work.
> You don't put swords and armor into your game world and then also
> equip the bad guys with sniper rifles.  That's because you know that
> you don't want to set expectations that are dashed to pieces in
> practice.  It annoys players.  They write bad reviews of your
> product.  If your game relies on barter, put in the systems and make
> it clear that you will work through barter.  Make the NPCs rely on
> barter, etc.  Set expectations and then follow through on them.

To do this you will have to redesign how economies work in MUDS and
much more CPU power will need to be devoted to the maintenance of them
in the server planning.  I do agree with you, though I realize
following through on it is not easy task.  If you do, I have a couple
of government economists that would like to look at your game as a
simulation for a real economy.(there was an article somewhere that
discussed the thought of this.)


ps Chew on this.  Inflation in MUDs leads to devaluation of currency
and barter systems.  I believe it undermines class balance, item
balance, item rarity, and overall power levels causeing all kinds of
bad things to happen.  Could it be possible that we need to link the
entire game, power, money, skills, characters, mobs, and items to some
sort of health index so that fixing the correct relative values for
all elements of the game is based on this inflationary index??

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