[MUD-Dev] Re: Majestic (was The Sims Online)

Baron Baron
Sat Apr 7 14:36:08 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

Matt Mihaly wrote:

> Personally, I am quite looking forward to playing Majestic. Aside
> from anything else, it sounds like quite a novel experience! I don't
> like being bothered on my cell phone generally, but if they do the
> episodic plots well, I think I could really start to look forward to
> the next time Majestic phones me to involve me in a story. Maybe I
> have too much time on my hands, I dunno.
> In any case though, believe that some of us are excited about it.

Hey, Matt, I never said I didn't want to PLAY it.  Heck, folks I know
who were in the QA and play test teams were so jazzed about it, they
were positively effusive.  When's the last time you found an effusive
QA person?  ;)

My problems with Majestic involve my opinions as a developer, and my
bias when it comes to what I consider the most important strengths of
the medium.  I am strictly a "it's about the community" bigot <g>.
Could it be fun?  No doubt.  Will it advance the medium?  That's the
question on my mind, plus, as I said, it may prove impossible to

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