[Mud-Dev] Broken currencies

Timothy Dang tdang at U.Arizona.EDU
Sat Apr 7 21:25:46 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

On Thu, 5 Apr 2001, Matt Mihaly wrote:

> If players don't feel they need the currency, is there a compelling
> reason to try and force them to use one? I'm not arguing either side
> here, just asking the question. I'm not sure I have an opinion on
> it.

There may or may not be a compelling design reason, but I think your
question begs a question. Which is: how do we know the players don't
want to use the currency?

I don't know from observation of MUDs, but jstification for money
controls (such as combatting hyperinflation) typically come down to
noticing that when a system of exchange is broken, people don't use it
so much. They may wish there was a working system. They may fail to
make trades they would have made in a working system.

So, if the players in general tell you, "Eh, don't worry about the
money. We're all fine." then you've got no problem. But just because
they aren't using the money doesn't mean they don't want a working

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