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Sat Apr 7 22:21:32 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

On Fri, 6 Apr 2001, Mordengaard wrote:

(some snippage, for purposes of succinctness)

> Yhared MUD uses a similiar system to this, but our weather system
> has the ability to mess with tracks too... rain will wash tracks
> away, but will also make the ground muddy for fresh tracks to be
> imprinted, snow will cover up tracks but will also make new tracks
> very clear (until the snow melts).  Hard surfaces such as ice and
> rock make leaving a track a very slim possibility, but there is
> still a chance that a faint track will be left.

> Wounded creatures also leave blood trails unless they're bandaged
> up, which makes the tracker's life a lot easier.  You may also want
> to consider the fact that tracks aren't just about impressions in
> the dirt.  A bloodhound can follow a very old scent trail for miles
> over rock, and someone pushing through dense brush is going to leave
> broken twigs and torn leaves (as well as scraps of clothing or
> fur/hair).

For us tracks wear away over time, and the message varies according to
race without giving the race away too directly (one hopes).  Other
ways we've complicated the track thing a bit: having size affect the
difficulty of finding the tracks, having some events, such as a fight
or pitching a tent, leaving identifiable marks, making wagons leave a
track when they trundle through, and having the speed with which the
creature moved through affect the message and the chance of finding
the track in the first place.


Armageddon MUD.  Roleplay required.

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