[Mud-Dev] Money supply in game economies (formerly Broken economies)

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> How accurate is biometrics for an individual over a range of time? 
> For instance, if I'm drunk, will I be correctly identified? What if
> I'm sleepy? And wouldn't all of the measuring have to be performed
> client-side, leaving it quite open to hacking? (That might be a very
> naive question. I'm not much of a techie.)

This *has* been the biggest problem for a long time, but most systems
seem to have overcome the issue of e.g. I have a bout of hayfever, and
now my eyes are watery and I can't be verified by the iris-checker (or
have a cold, or have drunk too much, etc etc).

As far as security goes, client-side = = no security (c.f. I think on
Raph's site? a good article of lessons-learnt including something
along the lines of "any client-side security will be broken").

Adam M

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