[MUD-Dev] [DESIGN] Economy goals (was: Broken currencies)

shren shren at io.com
Tue Apr 10 00:20:25 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

On Mon, 9 Apr 2001, Vincent Archer wrote:

> That's why my definition more or less matches Brad's. The economy is
> broken when people prefer the NPC economical circuit to the player
> one.
> That's also why I'm slightly against the UO concept of player
> vendors. It facilitates the flow of goods in game, but it also
> removes the need for player-player interaction: the seller and buyer
> not only don't get to meet, they probably don't even know who the
> other party in the transaction is.  I don't see player vendors as
> anything much better than classic NPC merchants.

I just had an interesting idea.  The problem with having no NPC
vendors is that, no matter how good a sword "Joe Sword" makes, it
doesn't do you any good if you can never find him online.

What about allowing some shared inventory space for groups of player
traders?  In each player town put a marketplace, and let everyone
access thier "trade stock inventory" in the marketplace.  However, let
players either:

  1) Link trade stock willingly and take items in and out to sell.

  2) Allow the above, but with a restriction: each item in a "trade
  stock pool" lets you set a price, which the withdrawer has to pay.
  (The idea here is to provide some security from the store being

So, I could get together with 9 other people and create "The Red
Banner Trade Guild".  Some of us could stock the trade stock
inventory, and some of us could sell, and some of us could do both.
If I made a sword, I could put it in the stock pool with a mimimum
sale price of 30.  Someone else in the Trade Guild could sell it for
40, I'd get 30, and there would be 10 comission for the seller.  If I
wanted to buy a sword, as a player I'd know that anyone in the Red
Banner Guild could sell me one.



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