[MUD-Dev] [DESIGN] Economy goals (was: Broken currencies)

Freeman Freeman
Tue Apr 10 07:22:45 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

> From: Vincent Archer [mailto:archer at nevrax.com]

> That's also why I'm slightly against the UO concept of player
> vendors. It facilitates the flow of goods in game, but it also
> removes the need for player-player interaction: the seller and buyer
> not only don't get to meet, they probably don't even know who the
> other party in the transaction is.  I don't see player vendors as
> anything much better than classic NPC merchants.

I'd agree with that except for the amount of time people play - over
the course of months, you find vendors that you like to use
repeatedly, and eventually bump into the vendor's owner (if you don't,
then it's just because they play at different times than you do, in
which case you never would have met them anyway).

I met a *lot* of people through their vendors (which is especially
surprising considering the vendors didn't have any sort of
functionality to assist the buyer in locating the vendor's owner).
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