StarPeace (was RE: [Mud-Dev] Money supply in game economies)

Michael Dekker dekker_mj at
Tue Apr 10 08:17:33 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

At 07:56 AM 04/09/2001, Jeff Freeman wrote:

> Hmm... 'Could be a pretty interesting game in there somewhere.
> 'Competing with other businessmen to maintain profitibalility at
> least long enough to recoup your investment, sort of thing.  Yeah,
> I'd play that.

You might want to check out StarPeace,
produced by Monte Cristo Games.  It is in commercial release nearly
worldwide, except for North America.  The game is something of an
online Sim City where every player starts as a tycoon with $100
million to invest.  The developers have had a lot of trouble providing
a stable playing environment, but the players with the patience to
deal with its faults have enjoyed it.

Michael Dekker

p.s. Just checking in, since this is my second post to the list.  I'm
participating in the list as a player who likes to think about game
design.  I have no affiliations with any muds, commercial or

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