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Frank Crowell frankc at maddog.com
Tue Apr 10 14:15:00 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

J C Lawrence wrote:

> http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/in/20010405/en/mtv_def_jam_coke_they_re_all_playing_with_video-game_product_placement_1.html

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> MTV, Def Jam, Coke: They're All Playing With
> Video-Game Product Placement
> By Jordan Raphael
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This the kind of thing that makes me want to create a Troll Shadow
Knight and kill all the newbies and imagine that they are all
advertising executives.

Companies are Lemmings (or is it "Monkey see Monkey do?").  The ad
people have found the right piece of social engineering to attract
companies.  So now on EQ/OU/blah-blah every time you sit, advertising
messages will scroll across your screen.

Whenever I call my bank for some automated information, I always,
always get put on hold. Why? So that they can play their promos. No
matter how fast I push the numbers, they always catch me.  Now we will
have zone loading and die messages with "loading...meanwhile please
take a moment to...".  Or "You died...we are sorry about that.
Wouldn't it be nice to sit down with a {***) and reflect how you
really goofed up with that last attempt?"

Ok true story. You know that web phone means that you get web access
to the companies that are on a short list.  Last year that was room
for 5 entries on the main menu, and AOL paid $5 million to be one of
those 5. Even if you can scroll for more, no one wants to be in the
next 5 or the next 5.


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