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Lars Duening lars at bearnip.com
Tue Apr 10 21:56:35 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

J C Lawrence wrote on Sunday, April 08 2001, 18:12:01:

> http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/in/20010405/en/
> mtv_def_jam_coke_they_re_all_playing_with_video-game_product_placement_1.html

If I may wear my player's hat & cloak for this post...

I really hope that in-game advertising, if it is ever attempted on a
larger scale, is going to crash and burn like web banner advertising
already did. If I pay good money for game (nothing wrong with that), I
definitely don't want to get commercials shoved into my face. I wanted
that, I'd watch TV.

Though in a way the naivete is amusing. Of course gamers learn to take
ads in a stride, since they aren't given any choice anyway. But what
makes anybody think that the players are actually paying attention to
the ads? People learned to ignore web banners even without technical
aids, and they will do even more so with in-game ads. But by then the
damage will be done, and getting ad companies to stop their futile
attempts is next to impossible (again look at the web: now they're
making the ad banners bigger, as if the old ones were too small to
see. Gah!)

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