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> Matt Mihaly wrote:
>> In cases anyone cares, I've found a much more realistic figure for
>> what the movie industry grosses: US$40 billion. Games don't come
>> close yet.
>>   http://www.mecfilms.com/moviein.htm
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> From the link:
> In 1998, worldwide gross revenues generated by motion pictures in all
> territories and media (including music and ancillaries) amounted to
> over $40 billion.
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> The statistic I heard was that games grossed more than *box office
> receipts* for motion pictures.  The $40 billion figure represents
> revenues from all territories and *all media*, including music,
> rental income, etc.  Later in the article it mentions that box
> office receipts equalled "over [$]9 billion in 1998".

I finally got curious to get real numbers. :)

According to the market research reports I get, the movie figures for
2000 are:

  Total retail and rental:    ~20 billion
     Rental                   8.25 billion
     Sales                    11.6 billion
        DVD Sales             4 billion
  Box office                  7.66 billion (according to this source, a record)

There were 84 movies released last year in theaters.  Source: Video
Business Magazine

For games:

  Worldwide HW&SW videogame:  13.5 billion
      Hardware                 4.7 billion
      SW                       8.8 billion
   Videogames at retail        4.1 billion
   PC games at retail          1.5 billion (including edutainment)

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