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> The best solution is to scrap the idea that monsters must drop gold
> and equipment.  If you want a sword you must buy one from another
> player. If you want gold you must make a sword and sell it :)

> Players are not going to appreciate it, but it will result in a real
> economy in your game, especially if you also introduce destruction
> of worn out equipment.

And if you really want to make things interesting, make it so that the
roving goblin tribes can buy swords from players, at which point
swords might be found on dead goblins for a while.  Of course, then
you really want to make sure your game supports PvP, because the town
that was very nearly demolished by a surprisingly well equipped goblin
attack is probably going to want to take revenge on the player who
sold all that stuff to the goblins.  And of course, the townspeople
discovered the identity of that other player by interrogating one of
the goblins that they captured, and it may very well turn out that
person is a traitor who lives and works in town.

Hell, if you really want to make things interesting, make the goblins
other players, but there I seem to be hopelessly diverging from the
original point. :)

We'll get to a point where players won't mind not getting "stuff" from
everything they do, but to get there, we need a more solid basis for
the game than "kill stuff to get stuff to kill bigger stuff to get
better stuff".

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