[MUD-Dev] A Brief History of Commercial MUDs

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> 1972
>  - Sandy Morton, who was also involved in the creation of ADVENT,
>    has written in rec.arts.int-fiction:
>     "Well, Will Crowther made the game up after we had been playing
>      D&D for a few months.  A new arrival on the ARPANET project
>      was also a housemaster at Harvard at the time and D&D had
>      pretty much just appeared.  He dungeounmastered up a dungeon
>      and a bunch of us from the project team got sucked into
>      playing."
>    Since D&D had not been circulated in 1972, Crowther could not have
>    written ADVENT then, if this memory is correct.  Chapter two of
>    Dibbell's _My Tiny Life_ states that ADVENT was written in 1976,
>    but I haven't found anything else to confirm that.

_When Wizards Stay Up Late_ also cites 1976. I'll have to go see where
I got the listed date from. :P

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