[MUD-Dev] BUSINESS: I need Online Gaming Revenue Projections.

F. Randall Farmer randy.farmer at pobox.com
Wed Apr 11 21:42:17 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

Y'all know that Communities.com is dead, and that the founders are
attempting a 'phoenix scenario.'  Part of that scenario includes a
Business Plan. Part of that that plan includes market
projections. Some of those projections include the size of the "online
gaming" market (users/revenue projections, etc.) This turns out to be
harder to track down then I expected.

I've crawled the net with my favorite search engine (and this list's
archives), and found pointers to the following reports:

  http://www.frostandsullivan.com (register and search for "online gaming")


  http://www.datamonitor.com/ says 4.9 billion by 2004.

These and others are either 1) old / anemic / not relevant 2) too
expensive for a new startup with no cash.

So, here's my plea:

  - Does anyone out there know of some data of this type that is free
  or (better)

  - Have a copy of one of the "pay" reports that they might want to

All I have to offer in return is goodwill and perhaps a spot on our
beta program... :-)

BTW: By "Online Gaming" I mean all forms of gaming where people
interact with each other either directly or indirectly. This includes
RPGs, Combat, Strategy, Card games, Gambling, etc.


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