[MUD-Dev] [DESIGN] Economy goals (was: Broken currencies)

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>> That's also why I'm slightly against the UO concept of player
>> vendors. It facilitates the flow of goods in game, but it also
>> removes the need for player-player interaction: the seller and
>> buyer not only don't get to meet, they probably don't even know who
>> the other party in the transaction is.  I don't see player vendors
>> as anything much better than classic NPC merchants.

> I'd agree with that except for the amount of time people play - over
> the course of months, you find vendors that you like to use
> repeatedly, and eventually bump into the vendor's owner (if you
> don't, then it's just because they play at different times than you
> do, in which case you never would have met them anyway).

> I met a *lot* of people through their vendors (which is especially
> surprising considering the vendors didn't have any sort of
> functionality to assist the buyer in locating the vendor's owner).

Think about the possibilities one could have with a vendor system and
quests.  Players could give instructions to the vendors and the
vendors could dispense controlled-player driven quests of the bring me
this item type for a reward.

To me vendors and such provide not only a large part of facilitating
the transaction between players, but money sinks for the
owners(transaction fees, maintenance costs) and enhanced player driven
content possibilities.

I can't see why these can be so bad.

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