[MUD-Dev] [BIZ] Advertising sprawl (yahoo)

Vincent Archer archer at nevrax.com
Thu Apr 12 11:52:24 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

According to Lars Duening:

> damage will be done, and getting ad companies to stop their futile
> attempts is next to impossible (again look at the web: now they're
> making the ad banners bigger, as if the old ones were too small to
> see. Gah!)

Bigger banners is not a problem. The problem is that more and more
banners are now pop-up banners. In other words, the banner pop in a
separate window (not applicable in a full-screen game... I hope), in a
desperate effort to really catch your attention - or at least the
attention of your OS, since the popup gets the default focus.

Of course, being a little more tech savvy than the average web surfer,
I already have a local proxy installed, and am stuffing it full of
blocked domains, like banner-mania.com, doubleclick, and all that.

And it is real strange to visit some sites full of white holes on
their pages :)

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