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Thu Apr 12 13:38:09 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

On Wed, 11 Apr 2001, Ling Lo wrote:
> Michael Dekker wrote on 10. april 2001 17:18:
>> At 07:56 AM 04/09/2001, Jeff Freeman wrote:
>>> Hmm... 'Could be a pretty interesting game in there somewhere.
>>> 'Competing with other businessmen to maintain profitibalility at
>>> least long enough to recoup your investment, sort of thing.  Yeah,
>>> I'd play that.

>> You might want to check out StarPeace,
>> produced by Monte Cristo Games.  It is in commercial release nearly
>> worldwide, except for North America.  The game is something of an
>> online Sim City where every player starts as a tycoon with $100
>> million to invest.  The developers have had a lot of trouble
>> providing a stable playing environment, but the players with the
>> patience to deal with its faults have enjoyed it.

> As a company, they've actually got rather ambitious plans.  In
> short, they want you to not only SimCity-it but also Quake-it in the
> future.  That is, add on extra modules to allow the players lead an
> invasion of the other team in first-person's.  This is notable in
> that they're going for multiple levels of detail/scale from the
> other direction.

> Never thought of that.

That's actually one of my dream games - a persistant state world that
is accessed by different clients with a different view on the world.
You can play the game from a city design perspective, or a first
person perspective, or maybe even a market perspective, trading



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