[MUD-Dev] ADMIN: The move and current status

J C Lawrence claw at 2wire.com
Tue Apr 17 23:04:59 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

Writing as list owner:

  The move unfortunately did not go as smoothly as planned, and was
  in fact filled with hiccoughs.  Kanga.Nu is now back at Zocalo,
  and is rather enjoying the extra bandwidth per the logs.  The
  network setup there is still slightly in flux but with the current
  migration plans this should be invisible to the outside (router
  configs, VLANS etc).

    If you are having DNS issues (it should have propagated by now),
    the new IP is:

  Mail to me personally will have a horrible response time for a
  while (even worse than the last few weeks).  At the moment its
  being read only to look for drop-everything disasters and even
  that is being triaged.  Among last minute move burps (the truck
  was too small), moving into the new house (which is great),
  fighting XO/Covad (which is not great), the joys of the new job
  (which are many), and figuring out VOIP (which is mildly
  boggling), I don't have personal bandwidth ATM.

  There are 20+ messages in the moderation queue right now.  I'll
  work thru them as soon as I get a chance.  Sleep might lay first
  claim -- it has been a hectic few days.

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