[MUD-Dev] MUD for sale

Bruce bruce at puremagic.com
Wed Apr 18 23:26:14 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

Dave Rickey wrote:

> You might want to clean it up a bit and try to shop it around.  I
> can tell you from experience, having a robust, mature, *stable* MUD
> codebase without the copyright issues of most GPL'd codebases can be
> one hell of a head start for a MMOG project (DAoC's servers are
> built on a codebase that's been in development since Mark Jacob's
> Aradath MUD, and server stability has been a non-issue for the most
> part because of the maturity of the system).

On the other hand, there are existing, stable and pretty robust
codebases today with decent (non-GPL, but still open source)
licensing, although they're all lacking in some way, be it
documentation, an active community, etc.  Cold's pretty much totally
unencumbered in terms of licensing and is pretty decent for what it
does.  I'm sure there are other good, stable codebases out there now
without licensing concerns with respect to commercial usage.

As a sidenote, I've heard that some people think Cold is dead, there's
been a lot of development work in the last couple of months leading to
large performance improvements (2-4x in some cases) in the driver,
with more coming.  That work isn't released yet, but should be in the
near-term future.  Some of the improvements were based on discoveries
or ideas that I'm sure other projects could benefit from.  If only
there were there greater awareness of what's going on in the various
server projects, or even what the various server projects are, I'd
probably already have spoken with them. :(

Chris, I've a number of questions about some of what you've done on
the server side, but wouldn't want to ask you to reveal things until
your licensing and the status of your intellectual property is
decided, unless you'd be willing to discuss some things regardless of
the eventual disposition of your code?

  - Bruce

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