[MUD-Dev] Re: TECH: Distributed Muds

Bruce bruce at puremagic.com
Wed Apr 18 23:53:27 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

Bobby Martin wrote:

> That said, I have developed a few java tools that could help out
> some folks. I have a high speed, compact UDP replacement for RMI,
> which is (almost) as easy to use as RMI.  I'd like to release it
> under the GPL and for other licensing by arrangement.  If you're
> interested, contact me and we can work out a deal.

This brings up something that I've always wondered about ...

I've never really personally liked the models of transparent
distributed communications between objects for roughly the same reason
that I prefer message-passing over distributed shared memory.  From my
point of view, it seems that it is much easier to notice when you're
doing a distributed operation when it isn't entirely transparent.
But, when it is transparent, you need a whole new set of tools to help
monitor and debug what's going on in terms of frequency and number of
distributed operations because it is too easy to add a distributed
operation without realizing it, either because you simply didn't
notice something in the docs, the implementation or the docs were

Do you find that you run into this type of problem?  If not, are there
things within your development process that help you avoid it?  Do you
have tools that help you to debug this type of situation should it

Or am I completely off the wall and wrong here and that that type of
problem never arises in real life?

  - Bruce

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