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Taylor Daynes tdaynes at flyinglab.com
Thu Apr 19 14:44:51 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

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From: Timothy Dang

On Thu, 12 Apr 2001, Vincent Archer wrote:

> So, the right way to ensure that what you introduced as currency in
> the game remains a currency is to make sure that currency pays for
> services everyone needs (or feels they need to) and goods everyone
> desires. And the way to make sure of that is that there are NPC to
> provide these in exchange for currency.

Forgive me if I'm reviving an old and tired idea, but it seems that
many of the problems associated with the devaluation of the game's
currency could be solved by having several different
denominations. Even in the real world we haven't been able to fix the
buying power of a dollar, but it hasn't been a problem. As the economy
has shifted, so has our use of various bills.

Many of the inflation problems that people seem to be combating stem
from having *the gold piece* as the only type and size of currency. If
*the gold piece* becomes devalued, and the item you want now costs
1000 times as much as it used to, you are forced to acquire and carry
around a huge mass of coinage. Unweildly in all senses. If instead,
you have several different values of coin, when something used to cost
1gp and now costs 1000gp, but you HAVE a 1000gp note, you're fine. You
just scale your economy upward and everything is now based on 1000gp
notes. Just remember to add bigger notes as the economy requires, and
remove tiny ones from circulation eventually.

-Taylor Daynes
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