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Kevin Littlejohn darius at bofh.net.au
Fri Apr 20 13:30:45 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

Bruce wrote

> As a sidenote, I've heard that some people think Cold is dead,
> there's been a lot of development work in the last couple of months
> leading to large performance improvements (2-4x in some cases) in
> the driver, with more coming.  That work isn't released yet, but
> should be in the near-term future.  Some of the improvements were
> based on discoveries or ideas that I'm sure other projects could
> benefit from.  If only there were there greater awareness of what's
> going on in the various server projects, or even what the various
> server projects are, I'd probably already have spoken with them. :(

Do you intend to write up some of these ideas and discoveries, so they
can be linked to by places such as kanga.nu and the various small
server webpages?  Seems that'd be an easier way to get the info out
there than trying to find everyone you should speak to...  I'm sure
most people out there building new codebases are wandering the web
periodically looking for other new codebases - I know that's what
drives most of the visitors to Moebius.

As a note, the best list of new codebases I'm aware of is


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