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Twisted Reality is a server, client, and library designed to quickly
produce text-based, interactive, fictional worlds. The main focus of
this project is not to write a MUD server, but rather to expand the
genre of interactive fiction into multi-player. This is an ambitious
task, and we don't think that it will be done overnight!  However,
quite a few interesting tangents have arisen from this project
(including the web server you're viewing this page under) and the
python incarnation of this software has proven easy to work with so

Currently, it does most basic MOOish stuff (live editing of objects,
room descriptions, etc), but lacks an advanced standard library and
coding examples. We're currently working on both of those.



Twisted Kimchi is a set of enhancements to Pickle, along the same
lines as Shelve, but with more support for maintaining object
identity as well as some transactional support.  Currently it's not
in use by various other Twisted Python projects, but it is designed
to allow Pickle to scale larger than single pickle files. Ideally,
it will be a pure-python replacement for the ZODB, with fewer rules
and stipulations on program behavior.  (Currently, the lacking
portion is some sort of concurrency model.)

Kimchi is so-named because I was trying to find something that meant
"hyper pickle".



Twisted Python began as just a Python implementation of Twisted
Reality; a framework for multiplayer text-based interactive
fiction. Having previously had experience mostly with Java and C++,
I was amazed by the amount flexibility and self-awareness that
Python had. When a 20,000 line project went to approximately 3,000
lines overnight, and came out being more flexible and robust once it
had been completed, I realized I was on to something really good.

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