[MUD-Dev] Imaginary Realities - April 2001

David Bennett ddt at discworld.imaginary.com
Wed Apr 25 13:35:21 New Zealand Standard Time 2001


Here is an article summary for the current issue of Imaginary Realities.


Good luck!

On the Treatment of Coders - by Sanvaen
A look at how coders are and should be treated on online games to make
them more loyal and more likely to stay with your mud.

Applying for Wizardhood - by Selina Kelley
A look at the sorts of procedures that can be followed to help vet
your creators to make them more productive and useful.

Playing vc Coding - by Arjen Reudink
Should the people that code the game play the game?  Should their be a
hard seperation?

Starting a Clan - by Shade of Nessalin
How a clan can be started and what sorts of things need to be done to
support it.

The Only Two Guilds on Your Mud - by Caris
A look at the historical precedents of assassin and theives guilds and
how they should be integrated into a game.

Explores Have More Fun - by Lord Ashon
Some ways in which explorers might like to play muds and possible
problems this causes.

An Introduction to MUSHes - by Ervin Hearn III
An introduction to the idea of mushes and what makes them different
from other types of muds.

Cartoon - The Mud Slinger - by Rebecca Handcock
A cartoon, say no more!

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