[MUD-Dev] [BIZ][TECH] worlds.com gets patent

Bruce bruce at puremagic.com
Thu Apr 26 15:20:34 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

Jessica Mulligan wrote:

> At 12:05 AM 04/26/01 -0700, Bruce wrote:
>>   http://www.delphion.com/details?&pn=US06219045__&s_clms=1
> It'll never stand, if challenged.  The application date on the
> patent is November 12, 1996; there is plenty of prior art to scotch
> this.  For example, INN was showing their 3D virtual chat system
> (CyberPark?) at E3 and other conferences back in mid-1995.

Sure.  They even reference DIVE, and DIVE was around before that (not
to mention the other research projects and military systems that
weren't referenced) and had some similar things if I recall correctly.
There's a lot of prior art to be had, as well as some alternative
approaches that are probably superior to what they've listed in some
of their claims for limiting users displayed.

It is still a potential nuisance though and would require money, time
and effort to challenge.  All of which is a shame if you're either a
small company or a freely run system.

  - Bruce

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