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shren shren at io.com
Fri Apr 27 12:02:32 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

On Thu, 26 Apr 2001, J C Lawrence wrote:

> If the distribution of players across the space of world-objects
> approaches uniform (the pessimal working set case), you're in
> trouble (not accounting for dynamic and transient object cases).
> The most interesting question is what sort of trouble you are in and
> how that trouble can be managed.  If your basic data set unit is
> defined as a zone of some bazillion objects and related working
> sets, then you're in deep trouble as your basic paging activity is
> going to be in units of that million page space which is going to
> kill your IO system.  If your data set space is defined in units of
> individual objects, then your management overhead and complexity is
> larger (?), but you can (potentially) distribute and fine-grain your
> page swaps be predictive look-ahead and pre-swap to take some of the
> sting out.  Of course you can do something of the same thing with
> the zone model, it just gets a lot more invasive of your data flow
> scheduling and working set intersection model.
> Neither situation is easy or pretty.  I like the fine grained model
> better as it lends itself more easily to simple approximation
> approaches, as well as providing the primitives for a cleaner
> distribution model (at the cost of predictive working set
> computation (what do you wake up about the players?))..

That's complicated.  It sounds like hard work.  What you really need
is reverse teleport storms that activate when people get too far
apart.  These would zap players in regions alone and teleport them
into some group of players somewhere.  **grin** Fun for the whole

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