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Eric Lamy onewngdang at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 27 18:53:14 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

On Thu, 26 Apr 2001 02:37:51 -0400
Josh Rollyson wrote:

> Just out of curiosity, I haven't seen any muds implement "called
> shots".  (Where a specific area of a player, mob, or object is
> targeted)

> When I played D&D we had called shot rules, you could try to aim for
> a percieved weak spot in an opponent's armor, or for the opponents
> head (possibly getting a critical hit of successful) or to maime the
> opponent, so that they couldn't fight effectively - cutting off an
> unprotected hand for instance.

> Does anyone have such a system in use, and what issues has it
> created?

Within Achaea there is a targetting system much like you
describe. Certain attacks can be targetted at any of the 4 limbs,
torso, or head of an opponent, concentrating damage on that section of
the body. As more damage is done to a limb, the limb can both break,
and eventually become mangled beyond repair by normal means. Of
course, it can be repaired, but it takes a seperate salve with a
considerably longer balance time to heal than the salve which heals
broken limbs. For torso damage, the amount the opponent bleeds is
affected by the amount of damage done to the torso. Attacks to the
head are the most deadly. The first symptom is an affliction of
stupidity, caused by damage to the skull, followed by a concussion if
enough damage is done. There are various skills to protect against
targetted attacks, i.e. parry, guarding, but they are still very
useful, especially for the monk class who rely on pure damage to
decimate their opponent. Overall the system works very well, although
a problem occurs when system lag causes the balance of one of the
salves to go haywire and completely throw off the combat system, but
then again, I am sure it was not designed to run in system lag.

E. Lamy
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