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Kwon Ekstrom justice at softhome.net
Sat Apr 28 19:58:21 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

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From: "Jessica Mulligan" <jessica at mm3d.com>
> At 12:05 AM 04/26/01 -0700, Bruce wrote:

>>   http://www.delphion.com/details?&pn=US06219045__&s_clms=1

> It'll never stand, if challenged.  The application date on the
> patent is November 12, 1996; there is plenty of prior art to scotch
> this.  For example, INN was showing their 3D virtual chat system
> (CyberPark?)  at E3 and other conferences back in mid-1995.

I just took a look at this, and I agree that it won't stand if

Bruce later mentioned that it would take time, energy, and money which
alot of MU* based games don't have.

  <snip>1. In a system for interaction between a plurality of users in
  a three-dimensional, computer-generated graphical space</snip>

Shall we say... Duke3d, Quake, Starsiege, Mechwarrior, (etc, etc, etc)
Very generalized and it touches the basics of gaming since computers
started speaking with each other.

Shall we say... VRML?

Anyway, lets just say that enforcement would bring several industries
down on top of them.

-- Kwon Ekstrom

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