[MUD-Dev] Where are we now?

Ronan Farrell rfarrell at parthus.com
Sun Apr 29 16:21:12 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

On Sat, 28 Apr 2001, Greg Munt wrote:

> Okay. That wasn't actually my reason for posting. I wanted to ask
> what has changed in mudding in the past two years. It was mentioned
> on DevMUD yesterday that free muds just haven't really changed at
> all - but commercial muds have. Indeed, they have sucked out the
> skills that free muds need to grow and thrive, and left nothing but
> a stagnancy.

You know I rarely ever post here, but I felt that this needed a
response. I too departed from the mud scene for about 18 months and
then returned to my old mud, at which I was originally a senior imm on
the RP/building side.  I felt at the time then that stagnancy was the
future.  However I've returned to it.  I don't know what has changed
about the mud in the past couple of years.  The mud is stagnant and I
mentioned that I was interested in making changes.  The reaction was
unbelievable.  I've been innundated with support, offers of help,
suggestions.  Maybe free muds have had a rough time, but also maybe
with free muds you feel that you can be part of the mud rather than
just another customer.

So maybe it's back to the good old analogy of movies/books.  When
movies first came out, books took it hard, but now books are being
read more than ever.  And if you want to think to the future.. the art
of book writing hasn't changed in hundreds of years, but in movies, at
first there were silent movies, b/w, colour, what's next?  I believe
text muds will always exist as they provide the core essential nature
of a mud, a game to play in a community of people, and if you keep to
that, you don't need to worry about eye-candy such as graphics.


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