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Scion Altera keeler at teleport.com
Mon Apr 30 15:53:39 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

Friday, April 27, 2001, 6:17:50 PM, J C Lawrence wrote:

> Heh.  I've done something like this, where the world was purposively
> left undefined and essentially void.  As players traipsed into areas
> it would realise about them, but unless that area was visited
> regularly, the new instantiation would be recycled and that section
> of the would return to the raw ylem.

That sounds exactly like the game I'm currently working on. It's
written in Java, so the idea of a garbage collector wasn't too much of
a stretch for me...

I'm planning to combine it with a statistics engine (the design of
which I have yet to work out in any detail) so that the game will be
able to make somewhat logical decisions about which areas to keep
around and which to scrap, as well as being able to make alterations
instead of wholesale deletions. The goal, of course, being to improve
the quality of areas it generates over time with a minimum amount of
maintenance on my part :)

-- Scion

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