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Monday, April 30, 2001, 11:24:28 AM, Kwon Ekstrom
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> From: "shren" <shren at io.com>
>> From: "Josh Rollyson" <dinodrac at summit.magenet.net>

>>> When I played D&D we had called shot rules [snip]

>> get.  In a real combat, the exact nature of the opening would
>> change from second to second, based on terrain, the last strikes,
>> and a hundred other little details.  Just having one to hit roll
>> and assuming that you're just trying to do a damaging connect is

> IMHO, the computer cannot match the computational power of a single
> human, in order to take all possible factors into consideration
> you'd generate major load for just a single action.  Some
> abstraction is necessary to keep things at a level that the computer
> can handle without generating lag for everyone else.

Umm... I think you may not have read what Shen wrote very carefully --
he says right after the part that you quoted that just having one to
hit roll and assuming that the character is always going for maximum
damage is a pretty good abstraction.  Nowhere does he suggest making
the system actually try to take all of the factors that he mentions
making a difference in real combat into account.

>> Or maybe they do.  Maybe you implement a system that solves this.
>> Maybe repeated critical strikes to the same area get penalties.
>> Any really systematic approach to this, however, just opens up
>> exploits where the players will do the most statistically
>> advantageous strikes repeatedly. [snip]

> Rather than a set AI saying "I'm getting hit in the head, time to
> block", a reflexive system would work better, "He's swinging high,
> I'm in a position to block so try to block, I'm not in a position to
> block, step back", etc...

Not only is it likely to work better, but it's also more realistic.
In real combat, one doesn't choose a defense without having any idea
whatsoever how your opponent is attacking.  Defense is as much
reactive as active.

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