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Chuk Radder cjradder at cse.Buffalo.EDU
Thu May 3 02:13:44 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

On Wed, 2 May 2001, Lynx wrote:

> I was wondering what thoughts the others on this list had as far as
> making areas and quests logical in that players can do them more
> than once without it being absurd. (for instance, the ever repoping
> king that people kill for his sword, etc.)

A partial solution exist in the form of Peter Keeler's abits and
qbits.  It's a a mudprog extension that allows you to store a linked
list of objects on characters. abits reset when you log off, qbits are
written to the pfile. Mob programs can check for bits and set
bits. Off the top of my head, we have a qbit set that if you attack
the gnome queen, the guards bar you from ever entering the castle
again. You can do a lot of flavor with that, In your example of the
UberSword, a death program that junks the sword if the killer had a
certain qbit set, and then set that qbit onto the player (and forced a
save) solves most of your problem. Any given character can only get
the sword once from the king. I can think of methods to abuse it via
weakening the king and constantly creating newbie charcacters to land
the killing blow, but there's always a way to whore any system.

As far as areas, I can't think of anything better than manually moving
them around every so often. perhaps a % chance on boot for the goblin
camp to randomly pick a from a given list of rooms to link to?

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