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Ryan P. rpfeiffe at niu.edu
Thu May 3 10:16:21 New Zealand Standard Time 2001

At 12:41 AM 5/3/2001 -0700, Scion Altera wrote:

> As for quests, there plenty of ways to make them only possible to
> achieve once. It is, however, difficult to make a quest that isn't
> odd when multiple players all do it once each. My solution is, of
> course, dynamic quests :)

I would like to add a little bit to this. First of all, quests do not
necessarily have to be completely dynamic. For example, say there's an
undead underworld inside the mud that is ruled by some powerful
vampire, let's say his name is Bubba. A bunch of players decide to
take Bubba down and free the poor souls trapped in the underworld.
They hack there way to Bubba's castle in the very center of the
underworld. There, they defeat Bubba and right before he is about to
die, he screams something along the lines of, "Foolish mortals, you
can never defeat me! I will return some day and destroy your weak
planet for good!" and he disappears. Perhaps one real-time month
later, he has built up enough forces and opens up his undead
underworld again, perhaps slightly different, and is ready to take on
the world again. Certainly repeatable and it would keep everyone going
to get his super-duper-item every two hours.

Another possibility is a group of cities that are relatively close
together keep getting the plague. One city gets it, the player does
XXX (perhaps destroy [temporarily] the EvilMob that was creating the
plague) to save them from horrible deaths. Once they kill EvilMob and
discover how he was doing it, there should be an explanation for it to
be able to happen again. Perhaps they discovered that some plants the
EvilMob was using were the cause of the plague.  A month or two later,
another city gets the plague and a new EvilMob (or perhaps the same
one returned) discovered how to make the plague and is trying to kill

> Finally, for the specific example of the king with the sword, the
> quick and easy solution is to randomly generate a name for the king
> every time he loads into the game... maybe let the mud fudge the
> stats on the sword too. Presto... it's not the same king anymore ;)

This can also be taken a step further. Each quest that is repeatable
very frequently should have many different options and randomness each
time a player goes on this quest. As well, perhaps some quests should
have a reasoning behind them that one player can never do this quest
twice (although I think there should still be options and randomness
to make the quests more fun and unique, and less likely to be spoiled
for other players).

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